Friday, February 4, 2011

Nagios check_webinject/web transaction plugin


check_webinject is a Nagios check plugin based on the Webinject Perl Module available on CPAN which is now part of the Webinject project. We use it heavily at ConSol and did a complete rework including some bugfixes and enhancements for Nagios 3.
Current Version is the 1.55 released on Dec 18, 2010.

How does it work?

The plugin is written in Perl and uses LWP together with Crypt::SSLeay. check_webinject sends requests to any configured webservice. You may then specify verification settings in your test cases.
A sample testcase file is included in the downloadable tarball.

    id                       = "1"
    description1    = "Sample Test Case"
    method             = "get"
    url                     = "{BASEURL}/test.jsp"
    verifypositive = "All tests succeded"
    warning            = "5"
    critical              = "15"
    label                  = "testpage"
A sample command like would look like this:
%>./check_webinject -s baseurl= testcase.xml 
WebInject OK - All tests passed successfully in 0.027 seconds|time=0.027;0;0;0;0 testpage=0.024;5;15;0;0
Add check_webinject like a normal nagios plugin.


The source is also available from GitHub.


Just unpack the tarball and make sure the required Perl modules exist:
  • LWP
  • XML::Simple
  • HTTP::Request::Common
  • HTTP::Cookies
  • Crypt::SSLeay
  • XML::Parser
  • Error


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