Wednesday, September 26, 2012

HOWTO – Add check_db Plug-in (check_db)

The plug-in can be found at nagios exchange bu this is a modified version which actually uses SERVICE_NAME instead of SID. This has been loaded with the new JDBC connectivity driver for the new Oracle server Connectivity.


Nagios plugin to check output of a Oracle sql query, matched with a regular expression. This checks the numeric data to the matched regular expression.
Remote oracle database check using JDBC drivers. Supports custom SQL queries and regular expression match. Provides similar functionality as SiteScope DB monitor. This plug-in can check almost every aspect of oracle database

The plug-in uses JSAP command line parser from  and a ojdbc6.jar class file for the connectivity.

This plug-in involves basically 4 component check_db , DbCheck.class/ , ojdbc6.jar and JSAP-2.0a.jar

You can get the completed doc and file at this location:!112

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